Ofer Rubin

Over the past 2 decades I have assembled and led creative teams across multiple high growth companies, with solutions ranging from Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR) products for leading global online retailers, developing real time motion capture solutions, sensor-based arcade games, online 3D games, and more.

Providing growth solutions for enterprises using 3D/XR

Successes Delivered

With over 2 decades in the 3D industry, serving as VP of 3D innovations, VP of Content, Director of 3D Growth, to name a few, with some of the leading technology and e-commerce companies around the globe, I delivered solutions ranging from developing real time motion capture, sensor-based arcade games, online 3D games, and more.

Helping clients utilize their technologies to help improve products quality, scale production processes, create new business strategies that utilize their strengths, assessing organization structure, devising new processes and either managing internal teams or forming outsource teams.

Working with AI and Algorithm teams, Product teams, and Sales to advise best 3D and XR solutions and processes.

I was also the founder of RealeyeZ3D, A pioneer in 3D user experience for the online Jewelry retail market, and HandsUp Animation, which completed a broad range of 3D animation projects in Israel and abroad..

Currently a member of the VRAR Association.

A graduate from the Department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy.

  • Advising and deciding on platform solutions, creating new work processes, resolving scale-up challenges, and restructuring the 3D team.

  • Created new outsourced hiring and training processes, resulting in over 600% increased production capacities, while keeping the same internal team size.​

  • Built process with outsource teams to increase QA capacity and speed, increasing product approval by over 550% and reduceding production costs by over 64%.

  • Devised a new product offering, expanding the 3D content offering to hundreds of untapped manufacturers and brands.

  • Assisted in the delivery of product demos, resulting in securing over $50K MRR of new client contracts.

  • Help reduce total production costs by 58% and deliver time by 85%, by introducing several processes for ranking and analyzing platform users.​

  • Collaborated with the algorithm team to construct a unique process of leveraging large data and develop unique tools to achieve production efficiencies.

  • Helped client close several multi-million USD production contracts with globally recognized online realtors, previously not achievable due to lack of ability to achieve quality and scale.

  • Developed a scalable solution for creating user generated Avatars, utilizing available off the shelf tools and also proprietary developed tools.

  • Built an automated process for creating full on demand outfits/rigging/animations for 3d Avatars/characters.

  • Collaborated with the AI team, Psychology department, and business development teams to align and achieve the company’s strategic initiatives.