Scaling Digital
Assets Creation

I work with companies to help them either improve and scale their existing 3D/XR or help them find 3D/XR solutions.

I measure the bottom line solution which is to grow profit and lower production costs, and help deliver more and better value to their customers.

I do this by forming and leading creative and technical teams, by providing internal and outsource solutions, Improving production processes and creating long term strategies from the planning and unto the delivery stage.

With focusing all of this to being able to scale and automate the processes and technologies.

3D Operations

Conducting in depth company assessment and analysis by having meetings and discussions with stakeholders, teams and managers.

It included understanding the system and processes that are used within the company, bottlenecks, organization structure, etc.

I then create a thorough analysis, that include all the relevant insights from Industry best practice and approaches implemented in similar situations, which can deliver the desired results..


Using a deep, holistic knowledge of combining all the different aspects of the business and how they come together, such as creative, technology and business, allows me to evaluate and act on growth opportunities, from advising on platform solutions to engaging with clients and understanding their needs.

From that I form a plan for the short term and for the long term to make sure the company is able to lower costs, lower fail rates, and shorten delivery time.

I Specialize In


  • Retail, Home and e-commerce

  • Fashion

  • Games, Media & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Health

  • Luxury & Jewelry 

  • Avatars & Digital Characters